For people who are looking to buy a home, certainly the process can be complicated due to the area in which they are looking, as well as the characteristics of the new home, whether it is a house, apartment, the number of rooms or even the number of bathrooms or the size of the room or kitchen. That’s where the Affinity Serangoon homes come into play.

This new project has revolutionized the real estate business, since it is now emerging and can give a home to a large number of people, because due to the area of the place, which is 296,913 square feet, it creates a plot ratio of 2.8 and This can result in a total of 1052 housing units, differentiating between these with 1012 normal housing units distributed in buildings of 15 floors and 40 houses for exclusive strata.

This project is close to educational institutions, both recognized schools and universities, which can be named Rosyth Primary School, Chij Our Lady of Good Counsel, and St Andrew Junior School, Nanyang Junior College, among others. In addition, the project is within the radius of a large number of amenities, shops and shopping centers that give life to the sector where the Affinity at serangoon project is located.

As always happens at the time of a new condominium, this is also a very good investment opportunity, due to the emerging locals within this community. There is a minimum of 5 independent stores which will be very close to this residential complex. It will also have public transport service and recreational areas for the inhabitants of it.

To have more information about this project of affinity condo, either for the opening time of it, the sale price of these housing units or even the information for the payment of it, you can visit the website https: //sgaffinityserangoon .com/

If you want to change your home, affinity Serangoon is the best option
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