Do you know who Alison Berns is? If the answer is yes, then continue reading this article. Recognized as former radio actress and hostess, Alison Bers was born on 26th may 1954 in Massachusetts USA. She is greatest known for being the ex-wife of Howard Stern who conducts his radio talk show. What is the net worth of Howard Stern Ex-Wife Wiki Alison Berns ? According to the survey of 2018, the net worth of her is around $20 million and she made profit just by various successful endeavors. Not only this, she collected the amount of wealth from her ex-husband who has a net worth of above $ 600 million. It is expected that Alison wealth will increase continuously.

Divorce and acting work-
Alsion came into view in the TV series during the 90s and 80s and the title of her first TV serial string project is “negligee and underpants Party”. Including Howard stern other numerous personalities who were looked in this 90s or 80s TV project or series. At the time, she came into the lead role in the show “US Open Stores” along with her ex-husband. In 1997, she was cast for the biographical laughter film known as “Private Parts” with her ex-hubby. Then in 1999, both Alison Berns and Howard Stern decided to end up their last 20 years old relationship. Since 2001, both of them decided to get divorced and be separated.

After the divorce, both of them started living their lives freely and just after a few months, Alison got married to David Simon, he is the CEO of one of the biggest shopping malls. And on the other hand, Howard started to date television host and date model Beth Ostrosky.
Social activity- Alison doesn’t like to stay active on any social media account as she believes in privacy. Still, she often gets to see with Howard.

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